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ID Card Software - How To Choose The ID Badge For Your Organization

Welcome to ID Card Software!

Welcome to! On these pages you will find a selection of ID card software vendors and software products that will fit your needs for designing and printing quality ID cards for your business, for your school, for your organization, or for an event that you are organizing.

The selection of ID card software in the marketplace can be overwhelming. We will subdivide the process of searching for the right ID card software into compartments. That way, when you are finished reading, you should have a better idea what type of ID software would work best for you to suit your needs.

Don't generate the ID cards the old fashioned way!

In the not too distant past, creating ID cards involved much manual labor, starting from printing a paper card filled the pertinent user information, taking the matching image, gluing it on the paper card, and laminating the entire card using an ID card laminator. A tedious and error-prone task.

The modern way of creating ID cards with ID card making software

Today, much of the manual labor in creating ID cards such as ID badges and photo ID cards has been replaced by computerized design and ID card printing software. The badge holder data including the images are simply accessed from the computer databases such as Excel or Microsoft Access or Oracle. Additional information about the badge holder allowed access to areas that can be encoded using colors, bar codes or smart card chips is accessed from databases as well.

Furthermore, the manual labor in assembling the paper card, the printed image, and the laminator pocket has been replaced by simply printing on blank plastic ID cards, which removes much of the manual labor and can make the actual ID card printing process quite straight forward and automatic.

The types of ID card software will depend on ID card makers you use

The type of software you will use to generate the ID card designs will depend on the ID card makers or ID card printers that you have or will purchase. We will go over the types of ID card printers on the ID card maker page. The choice of the ID card maker or printer will depend on the size of your organization and on the duration of your project.

Types of ID card software including photo ID software

Then we will look into the four types of ID badge software or ID card software that corresponds to your ID card printers and the scope of your project or business. If you require photo identification software, we will cover that in the photo ID software section.

ID badge holders

Finally, we will offer suggestions for finding home for your printed ID badges. We will present a variety of ID badge holders to choose from.

Let's get started by looking at your needs as far as ID card printing software and ID card makers in particular. Just follow this link.


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